Welcome to Kaliraya Sari

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THE RAPID GROWTH of P.T. KALIRAYA SARI’s business activities in the past few years leads us to creating a more comprehensive website.

This website illustrates our company profile and highlights the activities performed by P.T. KALIRAYA SARI. It is of our sincere hope that by issuing this website, our clients will have a clearer vision of the services P.T. KALIRAYA SARI is able to offer.

With this opportunity, we wish to express our gratitude towards P.T. KALIRAYA SARI's Clients, Management, Staff, and all other relations / associates for their continuous support, assistance / cooperation and patronage in guiding P.T. KALIRAYA SARI to become the company it is today.

We believe that our efforts and hard work will not end at this stage. We are eager to meet the challenge of tomorrow and trust that our participation and contribution will fit in the rhythm and growth of our country's development.