:: Introduction ::

P.T. KALIRAYA SARI (abbreviated as KRS) formerly known as P.T. KALIMANTAN RAYA SARI was established in March 1971 under the registration of Surat Pengesahan No. YA.5/114/5 from The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia.

KRS was initially active in the trade and supply of refinery equipment, oil and gas hardware, electrical and instrumental materials and navigational aids. In 1972, KRS expanded extensively into construction services. In line with the growth and development of the construction industry, KRS has been providing Engineering, Procurement, Supply and Construction (EPSC) services to a majority of the development programs, infrastructure requirements and other construction phases through projects entrusted to them.The experience and track record as briefly outlined herewith is aimed to provide a clearer vision and more in-depth knowledge of our past projects and the services KRS is able to offer.

Under the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 , SMK 3 and Integrated Certification, KRS has a commitment to our quality policy, which is to ensure our client's satisfaction through performance. The vision and mission of KRS is stated as follows :

A Prime Construction Services Company
Building An Integrated Team Cooperation, Designing and Developing Innovations Together With Quality Performance, With Accuracy And Effectiveness, To Achieve Customer's Satisfaction